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Save pool operating costs with solar pool heating

Extend your swim season and reduce your gas or electric bills by going solar. Solar pool heating is the most environmentally friendly way of maintaining the pool temperature and in a lot of cases, it is the most economical way.

The operation system is low cost and maintenance free. Automatic controls detect changes in pool temperature and sunlight, and swimming pool water is circulating through the solar collectors a specified pool pump, until your set temperature is achieved.

Why solar?

While gas and electric heating can be effective, they are costly and environmentally detrimental. Solar heating offers an eco-friendly alternative, with virtually no operational costs.

How much will my solar pool heater cost to operate?

Since the sun’s energy is free, there are no operating costs.

What about operation and maintenance?

The simplicity of solar pool heating systems means that operation and maintenance requirements are minimal. In fact, in most cases no additional maintenance beyond normal filter cleaning. We do recommend cleaning and service checks after five years.

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