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Gas pool heating Installation and Repair

Dominant Pool has over 15 years’ experience in Gas pool heater installation and repair in Melbourne and nearby communities. We are experts in all major brands, and our techs have been factory trained.

Gas heaters are the best for heating pools or spas up quickly as they use direct and constant heat from a flame, either through natural gas or LPG tanks.

A gas heater is an ideal choice for anyone who uses their pool and/or spa sporadically throughout the year and only wants to heat it occasionally, such as on the weekend or when friends come over.

With a pool heater, you won’t have to wait around for swimming season to come around, because you’ll be able to enjoy your swimming pool all year. Even in the coldest months, you can maintain the optimum water temperature, so your family can enjoy a warm, enticing pool at all times.

The best part about owning a pool heater is that you can adjust the temperature of your swimming pool on-demand to ensure that your swimming routine is never interrupted. Regardless of the weather, your swimming pool with be nothing short of inviting and you’ll be able to dive right in.

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